Transport to & from Germany
Çani Logistics, lhas been carrying and delivering your import, export and transit loadings from, to and over Germany in a most safe, economic and prompt manner, with its experienced staff and experiences gained from being active in this sector for long years.

Our company represents a continuously increasing success graphic since its establishment and fulfilled the requirements of the international quality standards and interiorized the customer-focused management understanding. Along with the globalization of the world trade, Çani Logistics continues providing solutions with competitive prices and developing alternative carriage patterns for the different requirements and expectations of customers, in order to meet increasing logistic demands of the exporter and importer companies.

With our speedily day by day growing vehicle fleet completely consisting of our own equity vehicles, which have soundless engine and EURO IV-V type green engine features according to the environment protection standards and are equipped with the satellite monitoring system, we have been providing transit carriage and logistic services from the European countries to the Turkic Republics and to the Middle East countries.  

Your Advantages

Complete and partial carriages.
Safe and on time deliveries.
Well-experienced and specialized staff.
Technologic equipments.
Vehicle tracking over the satellite with the GPRS system.
Broad vehicle fleet completely consisting of our own equity vehicles.
Project and heavy load carriage organizations.
Supplying feedback to the customers on each stages of the service provided.